Work has started on the World’s first joint faith campus for Christian and Jewish pupils. The unique joint faith model will bring together two purpose-built denominational primary schools with provision for a nursery. The £18.2m campus being built in Newton Mearns, once again puts East Renfrewshire Council at the forefront of innovative, high quality education services in Scotland.

sector-news-300x191Marmac Services Ltd are delighted to have again teamed up with main contractor Heron Bros to carry out the mechanical and electrical services installations.
Both schools – a replacement for the existing Jewish school, Calderwood Lodge and an additional primary for the Catholic community – will have separate entrances, teaching wings and head teachers. However, a shared central space will revolve around an amphitheatre, which is designed to be a flexible meeting place for children from both primaries that’s neither an assembly hall or a classroom. The school will include an innovative interactive space at the centre of the building with first-class ICT facilities, full Wi-Fi coverage and a range of small and larger group learning zones.

There will be a nursery class to serve the area and the playground will be shared, as will other facilities, such as sport, art, science and music/drama. Kosher catering and dining facilities will be provided for Calderwood Lodge.
The new campus is on a site opposite Mearns Castle High. The school should open for its first pupils in August 2017.

Calderwood Lodge, the Jewish faith school will close its doors at the end of the 2016/17 school year. Although owned and managed by East Renfrewshire Council, it is located in Newlands, Glasgow. Most of the Jewish children live locally and there has long been a desire to have a school cited within the East Renfrewshire community.

East Renfrewshire pupils at Calderwood Lodge would continue to transfer to Mearns Castle, their current associated secondary school, and the new Catholic primary will be associated with St Ninian’s High.