Has our world ever seen changes in technology so quickly? In just over 120 years we’ve gone from the horse and cart to the far reaches of our solar system. From the written letter to rapid email and a smart phone in almost every pocket, where we can have a video conversations and conferences with our peers across the street or across the globe, instantly.

This is now, so where will we be tomorrow? For example, it is widely recognised that by the year 2050 one of the most important resources the planet will be drinking water. This is the rate of change we’re dealing with. That’s why it’s vitally important that as a firm of engineering professionals we practice broader and deeper thinking with innovation and an understanding of the future.

Marmac Services Ltd since its inception have been at the forefront of discovering and utilising innovative solutions for our clients.  Our client base demand to be able to call on our comprehensive engineering experience and knowledge to provide and optimal solution for them – whether fully bespoke or “off-the-shelf”. Over the years we have used our manufacturing supply chain partners to develop a wealth of innovative solutions not least renewable energy which in some cases provide annual power greater than the power used by the electrical system:-

  • Energy from Waste
  • Wind Generation Units
  • Photovoltaic Installations
  • Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

Many of our clients are conscious of and keen to manage their carbon footprint and we have been pioneers in helping them achieve this.

As the digital age is evolving, we are constantly adapting technology in order to enhance all aspects of the modern world and with the Government’s mandate on Building Information Modelling (BIM) – the construction industry is no exception, but it is only recently that the true impact is starting to be realised. BIM has changed the dynamic of the construction business, by enhancing efficiencies and delivering well-coordinated and well-designed projects. The use of BIM is crucial for Government projects, as there is a prerequisite for time efficient construction, as well as a vital responsibility to reduce our carbon outline through the application of low energy buildings – resulting in lower costs for the end user.

We have invested in research to understand the potential requirements of M&E Services Contractors in tomorrow’s world. Most importantly we have subscribed to collaborative BIM platforms to ensure the materials we provide utilise BIM product models and technical information which are readily available to all construction professionals. These industry-leading linked digital platforms provide an online resource enabling designers and specifiers to research and select construction products and service information for all types of mechanical and electrical products.

Only by embracing the benefits of this technology, can we truly remain innovative and compete in the future market place. As with the building solutions we all produce – we have to be innovative to collectively take our industry forward into the next decade and beyond.