Client: Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Value: £50 K +

Completion: December 2014


Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Project Name

Fort Victoria

Project Address



Engineering & Outfitting

Main/Principle Contractor

Babcock (MEF) International

M&E Consultants

Babcock (MEF) International


12 Year Maintenance & Upgrade Contract


£50 K + Per Annum

Description Of Works

Fort Victoria was ordered from Harland and Wolff in 1986, and was launched in 1990. She is named after Fort Victoria on the Isle of Wight.

Less than three months after being christened, She was subject to a terrorist attack with 2 bombs being planted on board. One of the bombs exploded, causing extensive damage inside the engine room, which was holed and subsequently flooded. The ship listed 45 degrees, and the chances of sinking were high. The situation was under control after hours of work by emergency teams, which pumped the water out of the engine room. Sir John Parker, the shipbuilder, praised the courage of the engineers for saving the ship. This incident and other problems with the construction of the vessel meant it was not delivered until 1993, two years after originally planned.

Fort Victoria was adopted by the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley and has been affiliated with the borough for over ten years. A battle ensign was presented to the borough in 2003 following the vessel’s participation in military operations in the Persian Gulf. The ensign can be seen in the foyer of Barnsley Town Hall. With her ability to supply anything from humanitarian supplies to fuel and ammunition, Fort Victoria has uses in peacetime and war.

From November 2008 until May 2009 she underwent a significant refit and the ship has undergone another major refit from March 2014 to December 2014. This refit included the main engines receiving an overhaul, other machinery, pumps and pipework, new fire-detecting and fire-fighting systems were installed, living quarters refurbished, the weapons and sensors were also completely overhauled. This £50 million refit will allow the ship to serve for at least another 15 years.

Over the years Marmac Services Ltd carried out pipework, joinery, glazing, lifeboat refurbishment, anchor repairs and generator removal. All aspects including munitions.