Client: The Glasgow Distillery Company

Value: £31,000.00

Completion: 2014


The Glasgow Distillery Company

Project Name

Glasgow Distillery

Project Address

Hillington, Glasgow



Mechanical & Electrical Services

Main/Principle Contractor

 Cochran Ltd

M&E Consultants



3 Weeks



Description Of Works

The original distillery can be traced back to 1770. It was originally called Dundas Hill and in the middle of 18th century it was changed to Glasgow Distillery Company for a number of years. The distillery closed its doors in 1902 and was demolished a year later.

Now, over a century later, local gin fans are able to sample Makar Glasgow Gin, and it could herald the dawn of a new era of distilling in Glasgow.

With a number of small craft gin distilleries enjoying a roaring trade in Edinburgh, the West is following suit, led by dedicated gin bar Gin 71, The Glasgow Gin Club and the Glasgow GinFest.

Marmac Services Ltd were contracted to carry out the following:-

  • Connecting new steam & condense pipe work to packaged boiler
  • Supplying & installing new 50mm gas pipe from existing meter to new boiler.
  • Supply & Install new cold water supply from connection within building and connect to new boiler plant.
  • Supply & install all new steam & condensate pipe work from new boiler to building.
  • Supply and install new steam & condense pipe work complete with all supports, insulation etc serving Gin Still, Spirit Still, Wash Still, Hot water Tank & Hot Wort Tank.
  • Fit Free issue condensate pump & manifold and run 50mm condensate line back to the boiler feed tank
  • Fit only free issue valves as per schedule supplied.
  • Supply & Install power supply to new boiler control panel.
  • Connecting the new power supply from the existing Distribution Board with breaker & isolator and connecting between same and with a socket provided at the control panel.
  • Supply & Install 25mm Thick Foil Face Insulation to pipe.