Client: NHS Lanarkshire

Value: £650,000

Completion: May 2016


NHS Lanarkshire

Project Name

Medical Day Bed Unit (MDBU)

Project Address

Wishaw General Hospital

50 Netherton Street




Mechanical & Electrical Services

Main/Principle Contractor

Graham Construction

M&E Consultants



12 Weeks



Description Of Works

The project involved the alteration of parts of sectors 6 & 7 within Level 1 of Wishaw General Hospital, to provide a new outpatient Medical Day Bed Unit (MDBU) and chemotherapy delivery area.

The project included strip out, protection and modification works prior to the supply, erection, connection, setting to work, testing, cleaning, commissioning and leaving complete the whole mechanical and electrical installations carried out in 3 fast track phases over a total 12 week period, without interruption to the adjacent areas.

We carried out all survey and investigative works necessary at all stages of the project to establish the location, form and nature of the means of isolation, connection, extension from and diversion of existing services, necessary to facilitate the proposed development within a live hospital environment. All isolations of plant and equipment had to be agreed in writing with SERCO, the local NHS Estates FM team, in advance of the works and this was reflected in the coordinated programme developed for the M&E services works.

Departments adjacent to and above the proposed new MDBU share the central mechanical services for sectors 6 and 7 North. They were required to remain in full operation during the works. Existing drainage within the ceiling void of the space of the First Floor was live and continued to serve the Maternity department above during the works.

The Mechanical services element included:-

  • Measurement and recording of the existing local LTHW flow commissioning rates for Sector 6 & 7 North (Level 1) fed from HS 03.
  • Measurement and recording of the existing General Supply, General Extract & Dirty Extract air-flow commissioning rates for Sector 6 & 7 North (level 1) (AHU 6N & AHU 7N).
  • Sampling of the existing sealed LTHW water quality and dosing levels for the HS 03 system.
  • Quality sampling and temperature measurement of the existing Domestic Hot & Cold Water systems for Sector 6 & 7 North (Level 1).
  • Clear identification & protection of the existing, retained live services required to serve adjacent hospital departments throughout the works.
  • Isolation, drain down, disconnection, recording and modification of existing services as identified on the proposed strip out drawings.
  • Investigation on site of the existing ADL Gas Kitchen natural gas pipework route to ascertain the specific cut off point to ensure no live dead legs are left in the gas pipework system.
  • Supply and delivery to site of system materials and new equipment.
  • Installation, Erection and Connection of new equipment and systems as identified on the proposed drawings.
  • Coordination of the specialist design, installation, testing and commissioning of Pneumatic Tube system extensions.
  • Coordination of the installation, testing and commissioning of the Medical Gas Pipe Systems (MGPS)
  • Testing, Flushing, Cleaning, Sterilising and Commissioning and setting to work the new and modified Heating, Ventilation, Water and Drainage Systems.
  • Testing the complete (modified) system to ensure correct operation.
  • Demonstration of the system to the client’s FM team (SERCO)
  • Provision of O&Ms including maintenance information, record information and record drawings as detailed in the specification.
  • Handover to client at completion in Working Order


The Electrical services included:-

  • Modification and strip out of redundant equipment and wiring.
  • New high level cable tray, trunking, basket and dado trunking containment installations.
  • Modification to existing LV Switchboard & New D.B’s
  • Small Power Installations & Power to mechanical services
  • General and Emergency Lighting Installations & Controls
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • ICT Structured Cabling & WiFi extenders
  • Nurse Call & Bedhead Units
  • TV Installation & Induction Loop Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Testing the complete (modified) system.
  • Demonstration of the system to the client’s FM team (SERCO)
  • Provision of O&M’s and record drawings.
  • Handover to client at completion in Working Order
  • All works were completed on time, within budgets and to the total satisfaction of the NHS Estates FM team.