The Company

Marmac Services Ltd was founded in 2002, in response to Semple Cochrane PLC closing its Marine Services section of the business.

Establishing Marmac Services Ltd as a new company allowed us to continue our team’s hard-won reputation of being able to deliver highly technical solutions to clients within a short period of time. Our first client was the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) who without Marmac Services Ltd would lose the type of engineering support service demanded by them throughout Scotland.

Over the years our services have developed strong client relationships based on trust. Our ability to deliver comprehensive solutions to one client allowed us to win new business with others and gradually broaden our base of expertise, grow our team and service a wide range of clients all demanding exceptional M&E service.

The Company is proud of its ability to be flexible in the market place. It has grown from its original core skills in the challenging environment of the marine industry and has developed organically to reach its current position. The Board recognise that they cannot stand still and are ambitious to further develop the interests, markets and client base of the Company. It is the Board’s belief that the key to that success is by offering a quality service, at an affordable price, while simultaneously fulfilling the promises made.

The Company operates mobile teams across the UK, with a Head Office based in Clydebank: the historical engineering heart of Glasgow.


The business offers a variety of Engineering Support Services across the sectors in which it operates. The core skills of the business have stood it in good stead as it has expanded over the years. The Company will admit, if pressed, that the quality of workmanship and the skills required for marine work, especially naval, is of the highest order and our heritage in this area sets us in good stead to address the full range of M&E challenges our clients pose us.

We would be happy to discuss your exact requirements in order that a service tailored to your specific needs can be offered.

The Aim

Our Focus is Excellence and our objective is to ensure that our customers are more than just fully satisfied with the quality, the price and the delivery of their service. This statement may be seen as marketing spin. However, in relation to this Company it means something real as it is the driver behind our success through repeat business.

Quality & Safety

The Company is accredited with ISO 9001 and we are committed to providing the highest standards of Health & Safety. We strive for continuous improvement through monitoring and training in both our Quality and Health & Safety procedures. We endeavour to ensure that our employees reach their full potential by always providing premier quality workmanship in the safest working environment.


The Company has a reputation of providing a customer specific quality service on time and within budget. Over the years our development strategy has been to ensure our growing customer base continues to benefit from this experience. The technical expertise that is required within the suite of operations is at a high level and the Company is able to offer a mix of multi-disciplinary engineering skills to design and deliver your solution.

Customers throughout the UK have been instrumental in the growth and success relies on being prepared and able to change to meet customer specific requirements and continuing to be aware of new and changing technologies and market influences. An example is the growth of the Company from 2013 to 2016 which was based around the decision to grow the business organically by investing in the calibre of staff to make this happen without overextending.